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Advanced User Interface Labs is bringing the future of human computer interaction forward, to today.

Some of our Services

Here's just a sample of some of the cutting edge services we can provide.

We're experts in Human Computer interaction using the latest technologies to build amazing solutions. 3D, Virtual reality, Augmented reality and more.

Some of the things we've built include advanced game based learning solutions that engage our trainees using game based lessons that delight, amaze and teach. 

We've developed virtual training solutions for maintenance training with benefits that include:

  • maximized trainee and instructor ratios with multiple trainees interacting with the system simultaneously
  • content that can be accessed any time a trainee requires refresher training
  • a distributed architecture that allows trainees and instructors to be operating from different locations using remote computer networks
  • a reduced dependency on paper-based training manuals
  • avoiding the risk of damage to expensive operational equipment by an inexperienced trainee

Our virtual training solutions successfully combine the manufacturer's technical data and maintenance instructions, specialist instructional design and high fidelity real time 3D environments.
We have designed and developed virtual maintenance training systems for the everything from Boats to Helicopters to Airports and aviation approach and departure routes, to app based audit training solutions .
For a Helicoper we developed a cutting edge Virtual Avionics Systems Trainer (VAST) using Crytek's CryEngine real-time game engine to create immersive training in a photo-realistic, real-time 3D environment.