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Advanced User Interface Labs is bringing the future of human computer interaction forward, to today.


We are currently working on various projects with advanced sensors, augmented and virtual reality devices such as the HTC Vive and Gear VR virtual reality headsets and of course Google Glass.

Continuum App

Stroke patient rehabilitation application

Rehabilitation after stroke is a continuum, starting within days of stroke onset and ending only when it no longer produces any positive effect. More than half the 75% of patients who survive the first month after a stroke will require specialised rehabilitation. We’re testing an App that uses a cutting edge muscle electrical pulse sensor and gamification to guide rehabilitation exercises, monitor and provide continuous improvement feedback leading to better patient outcomes.


Patient symptom tracking app

We are testing our custom built app that allow patients and Doctors to monitor symptoms, side effects and prescriptions after the patient leaves the clinic or hospital.

The Gaiter

We have an hardware device currently in development that helps Parkinson’s patients during rehabilitation.